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Shadows Over Camelot Shadows over Camelot is a glorious game by Serge Laget and Bruno Cathala. The forces of evil gathering around Camelot. All around are black knights, a crowd of Saxons and Picts is on the march, Morgana is forging its intrigues and numberless siege engines are built. Now it is up to you to oppose this threat and save Camelot from destruction.

Only by working together you are strong!!

Contrary to most conventional board games, playing against each other when all it is the goal here together to win the game. This a truly successful only if we communicated and strategically responding.

Each player receives card that embodies his character, a knight of the Round Table. These are drawn, so that constantly create new combinations. Each Knight has a special ability, which are urgently needed for victory. After that loyalty cards are distributed. Among the cards are 7 Faithful and a traitor. These cards must be maintained secret. So it always hovers in space, whether any one of the players driving the wrong game.

We must solve various quests in order to grab as many white swords. When we conceded a defeat not only a black sword, but also loses life points and Camelot is one step towards destruction.

If 12 swords lie in Camelot, of whom more than seven are white, then the game is won. But this sounds easier than it really is. The power of evil is strong and it always burns. The game is also immediately terminated if there are twelve siege engines to Camelot.

Each player must go through two stages in its train.

He has to perform an act of evil. Here, he can decide himself whether he sacrifices one of the few life points, represents a Siege Engine around Camelot, or whether he draws a black card and the instructions that follow. There are 76 black cards, of which 12 have special cards with particularly devastating consequences. This can not always fend up by sacrifice of siege engines, and life points, so you have so many a bitter pill to swallow.

Afterwards, the player must accomplish in the second phase of a feat. Here, he can travel to fulfill quests, play a Special White card, or accuse a knight. In this phase you can also sacrifice a point to help meet a second good deed, this deed must, however, is different from the first be made.

Even among the white cards, there are 15 special cards to facilitate the game for Camelot much. These cards are seeded but very rare. Especially the 7 Merlin cards are worth mentioning, of which each player receives at the beginning of the game one.

One decides not to stay in a round, nothing happens. This action is free, but you can make no further action, unless one sacrifices a life point.

To play the quests you put a card. Are designed with all necessary maps, it comes with some quests just to win and we gained a coveted white hot sword. For other quests, there is a championship. If you have fewer points than the evil, you lose the quests in spite of the service cards.

You can also buy life. For this you have three identical cards on the discard pile. This sounds easier than it is, because on the one hand, the cards are urgently needed, and secondly there are so many that it is not easy to get to that sum.

Furthermore, one can accuse a knight. But this is only possible if at least 6 sword in Camelot are or has exceeded the number of siege engines 6th A knight was accused of treason, it must turn its loyalty card. However, where the accused Ritter is a traitor, a white sword given to Camelot. But is he a Treuer, a white sword in Camelot is replaced by a white one.

The Knights must meet various quests. There are solo quests or fight one fight together against dragons and knights. There are quests to be unique and there must be such that occur again and again. The quests are as follows:

- The tournament against the Black Knight:
This quest needs to resolve a single knight. Thus it is not done, however, because the knights appear again and again, so it always is to defeat the knight. Two times two equal cards must be played out. If the sum of the fight cards higher than that of the Knight of the Black Knight, as the quest is solved.

- Lancelot - Fight Quest
Again, this is a task that needs to solve a single knight, while the players have to freihalten his back. Completed successfully by a quest, the player receives a suit of armor which grants him benefits in relation to the black knight cards. Here there are three must play out the fight and two identical cards. If here the sum is greater than the sum of Lanzelotkarten, you get the coveted armor. Will lose the battle, the armor is completely out of the game.

- Dragon - Fight Quest
After Lancelot's quest is ended, turned over the game plan and starts fighting the big dragon. You can now pull together against all the knights into battle. There are three times three equal cards must be interpreted. Here, too, the higher figure as the dragon to reach.

- Excalibur - Quest
This quest is solved only once. On the program are 11 fields. On the field in the middle is Excalibur. By certain black card draw Excalibur moves toward extinction. The Knights can prevent this by traveling to Excalibur and take any cards. For each card the sword then moves in the direction of one's own knight. The last field is reached, then the quest is solved and the schedule is reversed. If other black Excalibur drawn cards after the plan was turned, instead, siege engines are set to Camelot.

- Grail - Quest
To solve this quest for the Grail, the Knights need to travel and play special Gralkarten. Here one must try all 7 fields with demonstrated Gralkarten to win the quest. However, there in the pile of black cards also Gralkarten, which can suppress the white again. The whole is further complicated by the Dark Forest ". Is drawn, this card can be as long as no white Gralkarten longer be played until another quest has been solved. Does this solve the Gralquest, even this schedule is reversed and a further black Gralkarten comes a Siege Engine around Camelot.

- Saxony and Piktenquest
These are two groups - fight - Quests. It must be played off white combat cards with values from one to five. Once the five-card booklet has won the battle. However, standing before 4 axes or Picts in battle, the game is immediately lost. Then all the relevant figures and battle cards are removed and the battle begins again.

In addition to the quest must also address the siege machines to keep under control so as not to lose the battle against evil. To fight against this siege engines you have. We must struggle to interpret maps. Then you have an eight-sided dice to determine the fighting strength of evil. If the value gleichhoch or higher than the combat strength of one's own Knight, the battle is lost.

And then make out with your friends on the way to save Camelot.

The game is an absolute must for gamers. The presentation and the richly detailed characters are lonely class. The playfulness is aroused by many action and strengthens the cohesion of the players. The tension is maintained until the last second and not least by the traitors. For gamers who can not lose this game would be more on one side, very likely because he does not compete against other players, but also the struggle against evil can be lost.

As a family game, I would not call Shadows over Camelot, however, because this really is too complex. Otherwise, however, a game that you want more than one game.


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