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maori Who does not know the exciting stories of old sea dogs who rose up to discover foreign islands and peoples. Günter Burkhardt makes us Maori in his game to one of these adventurers, and sends us out to Polynesia to explore the local island world.

As usual with Hans in Luck, is in the box a lot of beautiful and hexavalent material. In addition to the plate with islands and parts containing double-sided player panels, wood shells and wooden boats. The short and richly designed such rules contain three variants for the "Beginner", "advanced" and "professionals". At this point, only the rules for "advanced will be described, as these offer the best mix of luck and strategy.

After each player his material (Table, Boat, 5 shells) has obtained is a 4 × 4 squares large grid of tiles island built in the center. This will avoid the game proceeds from the exploration ship. The aim of the game is to fill the panel with its own large as possible and valuable islands. The value of an island by the number of trees located thereon is determined. Can be found on an island for at least a hut, the value is even doubled. Also wreaths bring (if they are complete) bonus points.

Maori_Spielmaterial2_thumb In his train has to move the player, the first exploration ship, at least one field. The maximum increment corresponds to the number of on the tableau and the platelets collected by the player depicted boats. For each of a shell can also take further steps to be moved. Now the player may take the jump lying on the edge tiles next to the exploration ship.

Does he want a long lying inside platelets, he must pay for each skipped in the line of a shell plate. Subsequently, the platelets that can be put on table or in his store. However, may be located in the reservoir, only one plate. Are mapped to a field shells, the player gets the same number of wooden shells. A player does not want to take the current chips, it also may block the plate from his store, or put a plate of Tablau in the stock.

If a plate placed on the table, it must always be placed so that the palm trees standing upright in the direction of the player. Now the player may place his own small wooden boat on any field. The data stored in a row tiles must now always be on a directly or diagonally adjacent field. However, the boat must always be moved after placement of a part.

If a player a little plate on the last open field on his table, each player's turn again, and then the game ends. Now lying false tokens (eg to remove incomplete Islands) from the table. Each open field is a minus point. Now the majority of boats and wooden shell is detected. The player has the necessary majority, given the number as points. Finally, the above points for palm trees, huts and wreaths will be determined. The player with the Most data points wins the game.

Maori_Spielmaterial_thumb Maori is a great family game and is right on the recommendation list for Game of the Year in 2009. Due to the difficulty fits the game very well to the players. Also, the combination of different levels is possible. This game represents a challenge for all ages and no one is beneath or overwhelmed. Another big plus point of the game is his material.

Through the illustration and matching shells and boats leave immediately comes to atmosphere and exploration. All in all, Maori is a very nice game with a simple, yet exciting mechanism, which can be recommended for families and casual gamers.

Name: Maori
Player: 2-5
Age: From 8 years
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Author (s): Günter Burkhardt
Publisher: Hans in Luck


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