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The Settlers of Catan - The Card Game

Author :: Dirk (guest author) in Catan - Card Game

settler-card game Settle, settle and move again. Today, however, it should not go to the board game, but with the same card game "Settlers of Catan". Everyone may know the following situation: you feel a great desire to play something perhaps to settle, but there are only two people present in the room. Few games are designed for two players. Something like this has probably 1996 Klaus Teuber designed and developed a settler card game variant for two. Read more »

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Qwixx - The Card Game

Author :: Jens in Qwixx - The Card Game

qwixx-card game As dice game Qwixx had made it to the nomination list for Game of the Year 2013. Following a trend to transform dice game in card games and vice versa, is us here now at the version Qwixx, the card game before.

The Nuremberg Toy Kartenverlag is this transformation even decrease as credible, because it is a time-honored playing cards manufacturer. So why not? Read more »




Author :: Tommy in Asante

asante With the games Jambo and Waka Waka took us the author Rüdiger Dorn in the world of Africa. Now the circle closes with "Asante", which means something like "Thank you" means in the Swahili language. Who knows Jambo, will discover many similarities. So the game is designed for two people and will revisit the issue of the purchase and sale of goods. But how "thankful" we are for this "remake"?

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Steam Noir Revolution

Author :: Jens in Steam Noir Revolution

steam-noir-revolution Steam Noir revolution is thematically settled "Steampunk" in the universe and describes the predominant there tense political situation that threatens a revolution. Whether the revolts really take place or the Emperor finds enough informers to beat back the revolutionaries, choose 3-5 players during the hour-long game. Read more »



Eminent Domain

Author :: Jens in Eminent Domain

eminent-domain Deck building games are really an asset in the variety of game mechanics and so it is no wonder that in recent years many games of this format are published. Here, not all games purebred deck building games, but also like to use other mechanisms in addition to use it as a hybrid complement to deck building.

In Eminent Domain we find next to the deck building as the main element, the principle of role-taking, as is well known from "Puerto Rico" or "Glory to Rome".

Once again we find ourselves in space. In an unknown galaxy, players try to discover new planets and to cultivate. Victory points are there for producing goods that are produced on the base stations of the planets and later sold. Read more »

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Android Netrunner

Author :: Jens in Android Netrunner

android Netrunner Board and card games with Cyberpunk- similar themes are in vogue. The world of the oblique and cool science fiction characters is inevitably an ideal subject for all game friends who are savvy about technology, IT, programming and telecommunications.

Android Netrunner has appeared as a pure trading card game under the name "Netrunner" in 1996. Author of the game is none other than Richard Garfield, with his "Magic the Gathering" created the genre of collectible card games and almost cult status has gained. Netrunner but managed not so great career as Magic and remained a niche product but at least was able to establish a small tournament scene. Nostalgia is a look at a few old websites of our colleagues Darkpact recommended. Read more »

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herr-der-ringe-card game Although there are already many games on "Lord of the Rings" are, so almost appear in every year more new, large and small issues that take on the popular fantasy theme of JRR Tolkien. To the rather small genus, the "Lord of the Rings - card game" part of the cosmos - Publisher.

The protagonists in this game are the characters we know from the novel and their opponents from the world of the Dark Lord. Three of them are placed face up in a row. The player must now collect color combinations in order to beat their opponents to flight can. Lightweight opponents have only one serious opponent up to four different colors.

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