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Author :: Jens in Abyss

Abyss The graphically interesting game of the vintage 2014/15 plays in the deep sea. Various clans associated with sea creatures such as octopus, jellyfish, crustaceans, shellfish and sea horses to gain as much influence on the places and people of the deep sea.

Abyss is a Optimierpiel, based on 3 different card decks, (allies of the deep sea, Noble, places). A train consists of one of the following three actions

1. The active player reveals marine allies who he before he can recruit themselves, must first offer the players to buy.

2. He takes freely available ally cards from the hidden display.

3. He is a noble one (against payment of a certain combination of ally cards).

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Author :: Andreas in MammuZ

mammuz Stone Age Mammals try to gather in herds to die out together. If not there holding a rabbit again for a mammoth. Dinos also mix with still and do strange things. This is the world of MammuZ, the compact Bluff- card game of Abacus games.

How MammuZ?

The card number is the number of players 3-7 players! adjusted, in fewer players may not all animals and Dinos join.

All cards are dealt and starting with the first player randomly selected 1-4 animals are played face down. Of course the Ausspielende says moreover, what kind mammals it is in to the provided flock. Read more »

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6 Takes - the app

Author :: Jens in Takes 6

6nimmt-ios1 Wolfgang Kramer 6 Takes !, appeared in 1995 Amigo games, for 20 years on the market. Time for the anniversary is now an app appeared which makes it possible to play the popular card game on the smartphone or tablet. We looked closer us the iOS version for the iPad. Read more »

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Beasty Bar

Author :: Jens in Beasty Bar

beasty-bar In the game of Alexander lump we meet a fun group of animals, all of which have great thirst. Therefore, the animals look for a restaurant with enough space and beverages. In the Beasty bar you will find it, but a lot of animals are now at the same time eager to gain entry into the restaurant, so that a large crowd formed. The doorman has all paws to do full and can only be guests in the animal pub, if we succeed in this, to accommodate five animals in the queue.

However, this proves to be not as quite that simple, because the cute little animals do not mix so well with each other. The (imaginary) lion jostle for example always at the foremost position in the queue and throwing present monkeys out directly. There are the "That's it" - the area, the need to see all the animals who have to leave the queue. Read more »

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Author :: Tommy in Spyrium

spayrium We are located in 19th century England. Industrialization is in full swing and the competition is getting stronger. Then the new mineral Spyrium is discovered which has an extremely high energy efficiency. Now it's your turn! Grab bring as a director of an industrial group the unique opportunity to their empire at the forefront of progress or check all depend on their colleagues?

What's inside
Spyrium lying next to a small Schedule at a lot of cards, wooden figures (workers) as they are known from Carccasonne, wooden discs, Pappgeld, number plates and green Spyriumkristalle. This material you already know from other games, but is also processed here of good quality.
The Schedule provides for all players an overview of the VPs, events and game phases. The own industrial group is by using cards (divided into 3 epochs) gradually increases. A distinction between the era maps building, Patent and Specialist cards. Read more »

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The builder - Middle Ages

Author :: Tommy in The Builder - Middle Ages

the-builder-Middle Ages The king wants for his people found a new city and need to the knowledge and skill of the best builders in the country. It applies new houses, barns, churches, and to build more. The list is so long that a builder alone would not make it. Thus, up to four players take Stadtbau in the hand and show that they do a good job in a very short time and the projects of the king do justice. Read more »

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All cheese

Author :: Kerstin in Alles Käse

all-Cheese All cheese or what? No, not quite, because mousetraps make life difficult. Life as a mouse is no picnic. But the temptation is great. Lying there but differently sized and tasty cheeses that are waiting to be pilfered. Unfortunately, there is a problem: the greater the cheese is (number of holes in the cheese), the better it is secured. Therefore, paying attention and not too greedy. If not for the cheese smell would be ... .A game not only for mice and cheese lovers. more »

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