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Rummikub Rummikub is basically an implementation of rummy. Instead of using cards is here played with pebbles. These offer much more possibilities than Rummy.

The game consists of stones in four colors with the numbers 1-13, plus two wild cards and 4 Ablegehaltern. The game objective is simple. Man must have built the first all stones. The stones are covered and mixed. Then each player may place stones on his 14 Ablegehalter so that other players can not see this.

To now interpret stones may need to interpret the first of at least 30 points. These points are calculated as the sum of the values of the stones that are to be interpreted. These jokers count as the number that replaces the wild card.

When laying it actually applies only to observe two rules:

1.Man can either start with rows in the same color. Provided that at least three consecutive values are laid.

2.Man can also put different colors in a row. It should be noted, however, that the values have to be identical and each row must contain each color here only once.

Have you met this, you have the possibility to create matching rows of other players. What gives the game a special charm is that one may also separate rows of bricks and take away, to then be processed in the new series. However, at the end of a train are always at least three stones in each row.

If a wild card replaced, it must be immediately played out again and replaced then of course any number

If a player has built all of the stones, the values of each player are counted together and counted as negative points. A joker counts more then a flat rate of 30 points.

The game is simple and easily explained, so it will be pushed quickly to any party or family celebration can. It's fun and is suitable for children. It is very entertaining, the play is not the best material. The shelf supports are worn out quickly and keep the weight of the stones ceased. All in all, very recommended.

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