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Pandemic - The Razor's Edge

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pandemie_aufmessersschneide In times of mutant viruses and bacteria could be the cooperative board game Pandemic almost be called educational game. Pandemic is impressive in a game situation, such as multiply pathogens and how hard it is to become the dissemination Lord, even if one coordinates the cooperation of a team of scientists. With the extension "on a knife edge", this task even tighter, because the game gets a new additional bacterial pathogens.

Pandemic "on a knife edge" comes with three additional larger variants, which can be combined or played individually with the basic game. Depending on the combination pandemic will thereby play much more complex and difficult. In addition, it is now possible to fight the virus with 5 players. New character and event cards round out the package. Read more »



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pandemic What is a pandemic, we have the news agencies of the world accounted for when it came to the modern English so-called "Swine Flu". Who wants to learn playfully how a pandemic impact, this can learn in the same board game from Matt Leacock.

In Pandemic you are cooperative and thus occurs together against the game. For the topic, this is an ideal format, because the participants frequently ask if they can combat the emerging epidemic effective or if there are already too late. more »

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